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Why Automatic Standby Power?

I think we all can see the value in having back-up power. From the aging grid to the powerful storms that threaten our power supply, the need for back-up power is increasing. But do you really need Automatic Power? Well consider the benefits:

*Automatic Power is Hands Free- No pull starts with automatic power

*Automatic Power is available within seconds- No trip to the garage and pulling out extension cords

*Automatic Power works whether you are home or not- That security system will still be effective while you are out of town

*Automatic Power tests weekly- No suspense about whether your portable generator is going to start

*Automatic Power powers complete circuits- Lights On whether they have a plug or are in the ceiling

*Automatic Power is cleaner and a more stable power-No worries about damaging sensitive appliances and electronic equipment

Is that enough of a motivation to go with automatic standby power? And now with the uncertainties of a pandemic surrounding us, do you want to be at home without power?

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