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What Concerns You Most About Losing Power?

As a kid, I was afraid of the dark. I didn't like the sounds I heard in the quiet of night or the shadows that crept against the wall feeding off the moonlight. The knock on the window that turned out to be the tree branch swaying in the breeze or the rustling in the closet that I thought for sure was something evil that turned out only to be the cat. My solution was always to turn on a light. It took my fear away. Gave me peace of mind until I had to turn it off again.

As an adult there are many things we have to be concerned about. And while we may not be afraid of the dark anymore, there are plenty of reasons that give rise to fear of being in the dark. Extreme weather patterns, failing infrastructures and the failing power grid all have played a part in causing extreme power failures.

For some of us the reasons to not lose power are more important than for others. Losing power for just a short time can even be life threatening for some. Ask someone on oxygen or those who use a CPAP how long they want to be without power. For others, the impact may be felt financially. Home based businesses or small business owners can't afford to be without power. No power equals No Sales. No Power equals Lost Production. What about those that have thousands of dollars in medicine that needs to be refrigerated? Can they afford to be without power?

The question worth asking is-is the inconvenience or risk of being without power greater than the cost of a whole house standby power unit? If the answer is yes, then a standby power unit is for your home or business. Not sure if you need a whole house back-up unit or just one for the necessities? No worries. Never Dark Carolinas can help you define your power needs and choose the right unit. Our free home site visit is geared toward determining those needs and giving you the power you need when you need it where you need it most. Our attractive financing options also make it easier than ever to have peace of mind. Choose between low interest plans to same as cash options for what works best with your budget and goals.

Our standby power packages include the site visit, price estimate based on determined power needs, installation, and a two year maintenance agreement. What better way to protect your investment than with a maintenance package? We are factory certified and trained. An added value if you choose to Never Dark Carolinas for your standby power needs.

Never Dark Carolinas