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The Cost of a Standby Power Unit

One of the first questions we get asked is how much does a standby unit cost. A lot of clients have mentioned they get a lot of varying opinions and the cost is all over the place. I thought it might be good to explain why that might be the case.

The first point of confusion for some is if you google a whole house standby generator, you will find images with retail pricing from $2000-$6000. That can be somewhat confusing. The price points vary due to brand and size. The size generator you need will be the biggest determining factor in the price you pay. The size will be dependent on what you want to accomplish. Is your home all electric? Do you have medical equipment that needs power? Do you have a home office? What is your home"s square footage? Do you want to power the whole home or just the essentials?

Also keep in mind that there is a lot more to consider when purchasing an automatic standby power unit than the size. A big factor is the age of your home. The older the home the more difficult the installation may be. Additionally you have the transfer switch, you have prepping the site for installation, you have your gas hook up, and you have the price you pay for the skilled team who installs it. That is why a home visit is so important in determining what you will pay for your standby power unit. When our skilled sales team comes out to visit we take that all into consideration and our price will be based accordingly.

Once you have a fair and honest assessment, you will then have the information you need to make a decision. In running the cost analysis, if you break it down to what a whole house standby power unit costs to install monthly, it is about as much as what you pay for your cable bill or cell phone each month. Maybe you don't have cable, but you have internet, streaming channels, a security system, etc. A whole house back up system with our attractive financing options will cost about that much. But think-can you use any of those things if you lose power? So while you can place a monetary value on your monthly necessities, having a whole house standby power unit is priceless! Contact Never Dark Carolinas for your free home visit. You don't have to be powerless when making decisions. We can help.