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The Best Money I Ever Spent

We often hear that after the fact when someone has invested in a whole home standby power unit. The peace of mind and control over their daily lives is priceless. But did you know that a whole home standby power unit can also put money back in your pocket?

Automatic Standby Power Units can save you money in a lot of different ways. Of course we all know about how a power outage can cost us money in lost food/medicine, potential damage from burst pipes, lack of air conditioning, or if the sump pump stops working. But to actually put money back into our pockets is an exciting thought. Did you know that most Home Insurance Companies will offer a premium discount of up to 5% if a client installs an automatic standby power unit? That could mean some serious cabbage back in the wallet depending on your insurance cost each year. Additionally did you know you may be able to deduct the purchase of the backup generator on your taxes? There are three ways it can be tax deductible:

1-For Medical Expenses

2-For Capital Gains

3-Renewable Energy Tax Credits (if used with natural gas)

Of course we recommend discussing these with your accountant and your insurance agent to see if you qualify , but it's nice to know there are additional benefits besides peace of mind and quality of life.