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Is a Surge Protector Worth It?

We talk a lot about how a whole home standby power unit will protect your home when the power goes out. But what about protecting your home when there is too much power. During normal circumstances, your home uses power in the form of 120 volt, 60 hertz, single phase, alternating current. The alternating current controls the rise and fall of the volts and the maximum or what they call peak voltage is 169.

In a power surge, the peak voltage will exceed 169, too much power so to speak for the appliances and electronics in your home to handle. In some areas depending on the grid and other factors, small frequent power surges can happen, shortening the life of your household appliances and computers, TVs, and phones. More powerful power surges usually result for lightening and can cause the most damage. Estimates say that the average home has $15,000 in sensitive electronics and equipment that can be damaged or ruined by this unexpected and undetected danger.

There are two forms of surge protectors:

Point of Use Surge Protectors

Service Entrance Surge Protectors

The former can be something as simple as a regular plug strip with surge protection. The latter is a device that usually is installed in or on your main electrical panel. It serves to protect the devices hardwired into the electrical system such as the outlets themselves. It's like shutting the door on the power surge before it can even enter the house. Generac offers a service entrance surge protector that will protect your ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) along with be the guardian to the rest of your appliances and electronics. No wonder it's called the Hero.

With a MSRP of $99.99 the cost of the Hero Surge Protector far outweighs the risk of a power surge. Realizing the benefits of having a service entrance surge protector, the NEC2020 Code requires SPD's for new or replaced service equipment supplying dwelling. While not all states are under the NEC2020, they usually are the standard that most local authorities eventually adhere to.

Be prepared for the unexpected....no power or too much power. Protect your investment with Generac and Never Dark Carolinas.